Silvano Beltramo

Silvano Beltramo was born in 1971. After various experiences with fanzines and self-published projects in the 90s, he made his debut in 1999 as a comics artist in Italy with the series «Clarissa».

From 1997 to 2014 he was part of the «Torino Comics» Convention organization team.

In 2014, his historical graphic novel “Nidus Haereticorum” was published in Italy and France, and in 2015 the Sci-Fi series “Evo-Z” made its debut.

Since 2017 he has collaborated with several US and UK comic publishers (Scout Comics, Antarctic Press, AC Comics, Mavarts, T-Pub Comics, Cutaway Comics, among others), and he is currently part of the teaching team of the Comics School «Scuola Internazionale di Comics» in Turin (Italy).