Jok (Buenos Aires, 1974) is a cartoonist, scriptwriter, illustrator and professional colorist since 1993. He founded the publishing house «La Productora» in 1999 along with other colleagues, launching 15 titles in the Argentine market and publishing content in other countries. Jok’s work has been published in the United States (Heavy Metal), England (Aces Weekly, Titan), France (Mosquito Editions), China, Italy (Aurea Editoriale), Spain (Vodafone), Brazil and the rest of South America. In 2016 he won the «Carlos Trillo» award as best artist for his work in «Merlin». As an illustrator he has published mainly in Spain, the United States and England in publishing companies such as Santillana, Pearson, Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Harcourt, Capstone and Scholastic among others.