Félix Vega

Félix Vega learned to draw and tell stories with his father, Oskar Vega, one of the most important Chilean comic artists and master of watercolor. He is the author of Juan Buscamares, a dystopian fantasy tetralogy translated into seven languages, the Chilean graphic novel with the greatest international reach. Together with the Spanish screenwriter Enrique Sánchez Abulí, he has produced the works María Dólares, Asesinos Anónimos and Las Dos Sonrisas.

His work has been published in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Andorra and the United States. Among his most prominent titles are Duam, Face and the Muses illustrated book. His last job for the Franco-Belgian market is Vinland. Félix is currently working on a new graphic novel with the Chilean writer Francisco Ortega. He has received several awards for his career and has participated in exhibitions in Japan, Spain, Andorra and Chile.