Pablo Arias

Born in Colombia, Pablo found true happiness at an early age by drawing characters from his favorite movies and TV shows. He discovered his first comic book when he was 12 years old, and he was instantly captivated by the art form. With the advent of the X-Men animated TV series and the Image Comics revolution, Pablo’s passion for drawing comics only grew.

Despite his passion, he went to college to become an engineer. In 2007, Pablo and his wife moved to Argentina to pursue a career in science. While studying, he attended comic book conventions and workshops with great Argentinian masters such as Horacio Lalia, Eduardo Risso and Ariel Olivetti. After earning his PhD in physics in 2012, Pablo decided to leave his chosen academic path behind, and instead moved to Chile to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a comicbook artist. Today, he and his wife, Angélica, create stories on a daily basis from their lovely home by the Pacific Ocean.