Gonzalo Martínez

Architect of the University of Chile. Since 2004 he has devoted himself exclusively to the creation of comics, which have been his passion throughout his life. His books have been published in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America and Spain. Among his most outstanding titles are «Road Story«, based on Alberto Fuguet’s homonymous story, the graphic novels of «Quique Hache Detective» with Sergio Gómez and «Mocha Dick, the legend of the white whale», made together with the writer Francisco Ortega, winner of the 2013 Marta Brunet literary prize.

Since 2011 he has published a series of titles at the rate of one book per year for the New Zealand publisher Beyond Reality Media. He just published the graphic novel «Alex Nemo and the brotherhood of the Nautilus» with Francisco Ortega for Penguin Random House and the third volume of the Quique Hache Detective series: «The Mystery of the heroes of the air» with Sergio Gómez for Santillana. He is professor of the Introduction to Graphic Narrative course of the Illustration Diploma of the Faculty of Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and in the Children and Youth Books Aesthetic Appreciation Diploma of the Aesthetics Institute of the Faculty of Philosophy at the same university.

Photo: Esteban Cabezas