Carlos Valenzuela

Carlos Valenzuela is a Chilean commercial illustrator and comicbook artist. In recent years, he has worked for several foreign entertainment companies and published in various media, such as comics, book covers, collectible cards, posters, video games, and album covers, among others.

Some of the publishers for which he has worked are: 

AVATAR PRESS (covers and interior works for Lady Death and Wolfskin, USA); IDW PUBLISHING (Mars Attacks, The X-Files, Ghostbusters, Transformers, USA); FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES (illustrations for collectible cards game ‘Call Of Cthulhu’, USA); SQP PUBLISHING (several illustrations for the books ‘Dragon Song’, ‘Night Song’, ‘SpellBound’, USA); COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE Magazine (cover illustrations, USA); PYRANHA BYTES (graphic novel for the video game RISEN, Germany); MONSTERVERSE COMICS (cover for Tales From The Grave, USA); UNDER THE FLOOBOARDS (movie posters, UK); IMAGINE PUBLISHING (art tutorial for Fantasy Artist magazine, UK); WARRANT PUBLISHING (The Creeps, comic horror anthology, USA); ACCIÓN COMICS (Covers for Latin American edition of Conan The Savage, and Harou, La Joya de Sol Rojo, CHILE).

His illustrations have appeared in international publications, such as EXPOSÉ (Ballistic Publishing, Australia 2012), FANTASY EROTIC ART 2 (ILEX UK, 2012), MÉCHANTS (Hachette Books, France 2017) and THE THING ARTBOOK (Printed in Blood, UK 2017 ). In addition to the magazines ‘Pin Up America’ (USA), ‘Fantasy Artist’ (UK), ‘Täetowier Magazin’ (Germany), ‘Tattoo Life Magazine’ (US article and interview), and ImagineFX Magazine (USA and UK).